Tuesday, May 15, 2007


The first thing about creativity is the beginning. The beginning (like this beginning for me) is actually the hardest part. The challenge is really to just begin but in the beginning the biggest stop is imagining the entire process with out actually being in it.

See thats the scariest part. Not the actual doing but the anticipation of the doing. The sense that you must begin the right way or else you will be doomed to failure. In fact you are guarrenteed to start in a way that leads to another way. It won't be right from the beginning.
Once you are in it you say oh yeah, this is creation!

Before you begin, you're really thinking: "oh I need to have already created something good." This means you have failed before you have begun in your own head.

The desire to be brilliant often snuffs out brilliance before it's even born.

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