Thursday, February 18, 2010

Playing Well Together - Horn Sections and Other Metaphors

The Shakers played last Tuesday at The Joint. It was a blast. I recently turned some corner in my keyboard playing where I can find my way through the songs easier. I have plenty of time now where in the past I was having a hard time keeping up.

Afterwards there was this terrific Latin flavored R&B group with a horn section.

I love horn sections.

The thing about horns is that they can only play one note at a time. (This is often plenty, don't get me wrong.) A horn section is three or more individuals working very closely together to provide riffs and runs and wonderful sounds.

As a keyboardist I can play a bunch of notes at the some time. I don't need anyone else dancing next to me to play a chord. But I can't do what a horn section can do. I don't really think any one person can.

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