Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Change your socks and change the world

How long does it take to completely transform the world? Was the world changed the millisecond that the reaction began at the Trinity Test site? Or was it changed when Einstein wrote his famous letter to Roosevelt, or when Roosevelt read it. Or was it changed when young Albert sat in a meadow and said to himself "I wonder if we assume that light is actually constant and that there is no objective observer, what would that look like."

But of course none of these moments changed the world on their own. They are significant because of subsequent action, right?

But wait, none of the subsequent actions would have happened if it wasn't for these moments of inspiration, communication and nuclear reaction.

(That sounds good - inspiration, communication and reaction - are those the essential actions? Does reaction cover brute work? Probably not. Does perspiration cover that? Not really but it sounds good.)

(Oh! Here's an idea)

So the essential moment is irreducible and irreplaceable. It can truly be said that the world can be changed in an instant but usually you can't tell. Perhaps because the world is constantly changing with every instant. It occurs to me that since thought is the invisible initiator of action that thought is altering the fabric of the universe on an ongoing basis. We live in an observer created universe so the judgements and associations and inspirations and inventions that spring to the millions of observing minds are altering reality on an ongoing basis. If you thinks that's nuts try this thought experiment as you drive somewhere. Turn off the radio and look at the cars as you drive. Imagine that all the red cars are filled with your friends and all the blue cars are filled with your enemies. Does that change the way the world looks? Sure. Does it change the way the world is? For you it does and then your actions make that that real.

But the point that I want to make is that you can, in fact, change your world and your life with an instantaneous and decisive act of invention or inspiration.

I am going to act on this hypothesis right now. I am going to completely change my world with an act of audacious creativity, altering myself on a cellular level by self-invention. In this moment I am changing the world completely.

Just thought I'd let you know.

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